We are a boutique technology company and have built elegant, easy-to-use SMS software for over six years. SMS White Label was created for agencies, digital signage vendors, small business services firms, and professional consultants. We designed the software to fit into existing operational and developmental workflow.

These design considerations include not disturbing an existing company website or billing practices. SMS White Label doesn’t collect payments on your behalf, but does provide a reporting interface and usage API calls so you can integrate and bill clients the same way you’re used to. We don’t provide you with a website, but do provide remote token-based authentication for pass-through login.

We aim to make the user experience as pleasant as possible to get you and your clients up and running quickly.

Our Philosophy

Our service philosophy is different than that of many other SMS providers. We are not in the business of churning out cookie-cutter reseller accounts. We work closely with our customers and are interested in building long-term relationships.

Additionally, we prioritize professional service requests for our white label customers, so if your company requires additional support, we’re here to help.