What’s the difference between your software and the other guys?
Everything. If you can’t tell the difference between our attention to detail and theirs, we’re likely not the right provider for you. If you can tell the difference, you’ll be glad to know that we follow proper web UI/UX conventions, work with the latest technologies, and contribute to the open source community.

How many keywords are available on your shared short codes?
Many. You’d be surprised at how many words and letter combinations you can create. This is one of the reasons we charge for keywords – so resellers don’t register a superfluous number of keywords. We add new short codes if we feel the space is getting crowded.

Why don’t you provide a customer-facing marketing website?
The majority of our resellers are established companies, like interactive agencies and OOH signage vendors, that already have a website or want to build their own. We are not in the business of churning out an endless number of cookie-cutter resellers. In that respect, our resellers come up with their own ideas and marketing material. SMS White Label is a technology backbone, not a turnkey business opportunity (whatever that means).

Do you offer custom development?
Yes. Our minimum budget requirement for website development is $20,000 and $35,000 for application development. Please contact us at [email protected]

Note: due to heavy project load, we require a minimum of 60 days’ notice if you are interested in retaining development services. We also have several partners we work with if you can’t wait for us and would like a referral.

Are any of your other products available to resell?
Our other products do not have turnkey reseller programs. Although we do have special arrangements with several organizations that benefit from a percentage of sales, we typically require a buy-in from those organizations.

Does SMS White Label work outside of the U.S.?
For now, SMS White Label is U.S. only.

But I can just build my own software, why should I pay you?
With over six years of experience in the SMS industry, we can safely say: “good luck”. We’re always interested in seeing new SMS products, so make sure to ping us when you’re up and running.

How often do you release new features and updates?
We push minor upgrades continously and larger releases 2-3 times per month.

Who is this software built for?
SMS White Label is for interactive agencies, professional consultants, development firms, marketing services companies, signage vendors and advertising brokers.


Do you offer support for those less knowledgable about the space?
Yes. Our team will be here to help you every step of the way. Ultimately, SMS White Label is a service for your clients. If we fail in educating and helping you offer the best possible service, they and you won’t be around for long.

Can you help my clients with support or is it entirely my responsibility?
If there are any support requests that you aren’t comfortable handling, we’re happy to help. All support contact information will be provided to you upon account creation.

Billing and payments

How do I bill or invoice my clients?
Because SMS White Label does not provide credit card processing or invoicing functionality, it is your responsibility to collect payments from your customers. This is designed with agencies and professionals in mind who already have billing practices in place. You can generate reports from the system interface manually or hook into the API and pull usage reports programatically.

I’m not ready to pay for anything, can I get a free account?
No. We’ve worked with many different resellers (hard to believe, huh?) and have found that those who make the financial commitment are much more likely to succeed.

I really like your software, but can’t afford it. Can you make an exception?
Typically, no. If you’re not able to make the financial investment, prove to us that you’re making some type of commitment to create a successful business. Very rarely, we’ll work with a startup we believe in. To be considered, send a thorough business plan or pitch deck and financial model to [email protected]

How do you calculate usage across my entire account?
We take a snapshot of your account at the end of each billing cycle and count the total number of clients, campaigns, keywords, and messages used. Fluctuations in usage during the cycle are not taken into account.

Features and services

What are the differences between Private Label SMS and SMS White Label?
Private Label SMS is our core development platform. As deceiving as the name sounds, it’s not a true private label platform. It’s meant for custom application development and more robust 3rd party integration.

SMS White Label is a marketing platform meant for resellers who need an out-of-the-box solution. Because each product differs greatly in functionality, pricing does not carry over from one product to the other.

Do you have a demo of the software?
You can view a thorough video walk-through of the platform by clicking here: video walk-through.

Do you offer dedicated short code provisioning?
Yes, for resellers that need it. Dedicated short codes require 12-16 weeks and a recommended minimum budget of $15,000 to get started. Resellers are welcome to use one of our shared short codes until their dedicated code is live.

What about social media and MMS and QR codes and RFID and …?
We do SMS. Might we suggest looking elsewhere? Also, please do not call us if you just want a list of features to put on your material. We and the companies we work with are far more successful when we are working together to achieve your client’s goals – not beef up marketing collateral.

Can I limit the number of keywords and texts that my clients can use?
Yes. There are API hooks that allow you to limit each client’s usage.

Can my clients send pictures, videos, and other rich media using SMS White Label?
We do not provide MMS functionality. However, there are multiple ways to accomplish the same results. We recommend hosting the media on a 3rd party, like Dropbox, and linking to the content that way. The link would be included in the SMS and a subscriber would only need to click the link to open the media.


Who hosts the software and website?
We do. SMS White Label is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. We host, maintain, and continuously improve the product while you focus on your clients.

Can we get access and an API key before buying messages?
Yes. We offer a developer account for $99 that includes full access to the platform and API, 1 keyword, and 500 messages.

What kind of volume/throughput can your platform handle?
We push 100-150 messages per second on the shared short codes.

What type of connections do you maintain to the carriers?
We maintain our own messaging gateway and connect to a Tier 1 aggregator using the SMPP protocol, a telecom standard. When your clients send messages through SMS White Label, those messages are just a few hops away from their mobile destination.

Which carriers do you support?
Please refer to the list of carriers on the features page by clicking here: SMS White Label features