Custom Branding

Modify SMS White Label to match your brand using one of our 10 color themes or your own custom CSS.

Custom logo
Upload your own logo and we’ll display it on every page of the system, including the login screen.

Ten color themes
Choose from one of our 10 pre-designed color themes.

Custom Domain
Use your own URL for complete brand integrity.

Custom CSS
Modify the existing CSS for more granular aesthetic control.

Account Owners

Our goal was to make Client management as easy as possible for you, the Account Owner. View Client activity, export a list of clients to CSV format, and create/edit Clients quickly and easily.

Interactive charts
Use the sliders to zoom in/out of a specific date range for granular activity charting.

Client list
View all of your Clients and their most recent account activity at a glance.

Global logs
View detailed in/out message logs with search and filter functionality, across all of your Clients.

Client CSV export
Export a list of your Clients and their usage to CSV format and work with it in Excel.

Clients & Campaigns

Grant your Clients access to the platform so they can manage Campaigns and run reports on their own without hand-holding. Create campaigns, register keywords, and send messages to subscribers from a centralized, simple dashboard.

Multiple campaign types
Create different types of campaigns – simple, autoresponder, and replies. Many more coming soon.

Interactive two-way messaging
Set up multiple reply options along with the welcome message to engage and segment your subscribers.

Opt-in widgets
Generate a web and mobile-friendly opt-in widget for each campaign and embed it on any website or social network.

MMA compliance
Out-of-the box MMA compliance means you, and we, don’t have to worry about spammers abusing the system.

Message previews
Preview messages as you type them with an intelligent GSM alphabet character counter and error reporting.

Subscriber list
See all campaign subscribers at a glance, edit tags, and manually unsubscribe mobile numbers.

Subscriber custom fields
Add and manage custom fields via the interface or API to segment subscribers and integrate with a CRM.

Campaign overviews
Quickly see the setup details of any campaign, including tags, keywords, and opt-in widget HTML code.